“During a large complicated EAM upgrade project we were struggling with development of a training program and approach. At the same time, we were working to align our organization on Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices.  Through a colleague, I learned about ReliabilityX, reached out to them to see if they could help and quickly learned they had the knowledge & experience to assist.  I was amazed at how quickly they understood our struggles and could offer solutions.  When it comes to Asset Management and Maintenance, Operations and Reliability they just get it.  So glad to have them on my Team!!”

Jason Herman | EAM-Change Management & Training Lead - Evergy

“In a world that is full of consultants that treat companies like an ATM machine, ReliabilityX is a real and genuine company that shows you how to care for your assets and understand the process needed to achieve your company objectives and professional goals. There participation is a game changer for any organization, the Reliability X team are practitioners with real world experience and successes that has help to develop a world class reliability company to achieve world class results.”

Kevin Moore | Maintenance and Asset Strategy Manager - Little Potato Company

“Professional, honest, reliable. These are some of the words I use to describe my 4year mentorship with George and the team at Reliability X. They provided us with the tools, systems, and processes required to manage and grow our vision of being the best in the industry. With the positive results seen by the quality work completed in our equipment improvement projects in North America, it was an obvious decision to onboard them to support the commissioning of our new state of the art facility in Nisku, Alberta. I am grateful for their encouragement and friendship and consider Reliability X an irreplaceable asset in my future endeavors.”

Frank Santiago | Director of Capital Assets - Little Potato Company

What We Do

Create World-Class Maintenance and
Operations Organizations

Who We Are

We are Committed to Improving Your Plant’s Reliability

ReliabilityX was founded to satisfy an essential need in the business environment. Through an adept understanding of the value of operation reliability, we equip organizations with the tools and training necessary to be the most competitive in the marketplace. We want to change the way you see consultancy in maintenance, reliability, asset management, and operational performance. Our approach is to bridge the gap between operations and maintenance through holistic reliability, focused on plant performance.

Reliability Sherpa®

Explore the knowledge of the world-leading expert in maintenance and reliability

Ramesh Gulati, Reliability Sherpa®, shares his knowledge and expertise in all things maintenance and reliability. Read his latest and greatest or ask him a question directly.


Who do you put your faith in

ReliabilityX is the ONLY consultancy with 2 CMRP of the Year award winners!!

How Can We Help?

Increased profitability, decreased maintenance costs, improved reliability.

Our trained professionals offer strategic development, practical training and guidance more so on par with condition-based coaching than a typical reliability or asset management consultancy. We provide valuable insight to a multitude of professional organizations such as manufacturing plants, public utilities, and facilities managers to improve performance through holistic reliability.


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