Maintenance, Reliability, and Asset Management Best Practices


In an interactive workshop format, this Maintenance, Reliability, and Asset Management refresher course is designed to BOOST your technical/engineering /operations workforce understanding of maintenance and reliability principles and help create a sustainable reliability culture to maximize the benefits.

The asset-equipment management practices in any organization determine whether an operation is considered a financial drain or a well-run business unit, which operates utilizing best reliability & maintenance practices to ensure assets reliability, safety, improved productivity, and profits.

The latest, 3rd edition of ‘Maintenance & Reliability Best Practices’ ebook by the world-renowned Maintenance Reliability author, Ramesh Gulati, included the registration fee. In addition, a pdf version of key presentation slides and class exercises will be provided.

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Course Dates

6/6/2022 through 6/9/2022

Start Time

9:00 AM CST each day

Course Duration

6 hours each day

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