Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling


Tue, Jan 16, – Wed, Jan 17, 2024 (2 DAY COURSE)

9 AM – 3:30 PM EST

Homewood Suites Allentown Bethlehem Airport
2031 Avenue C
Bethlehem,PA 18017
Keystone Room

Key Benefits of the Training:

  1. Improving Equipment Uptime:
  • Dive into advanced strategies that elevate equipment uptime through optimized preventive maintenance scheduling.
  • Master the art of minimizing unplanned downtime and ensuring your organization’s assets operate at peak efficiency.
  1. Creating a More Efficient Maintenance Staff:
  • Streamline your maintenance team’s workflow by learning to allocate resources efficiently.
  • Develop skills in strategic task assignment, fostering collaboration for a synchronized and more efficient maintenance operation.
  1. Improving the Life of the Technician:
  • Enhance job satisfaction and well-being of your technicians by implementing measures that positively impact their work lives.
  • A motivated and content team leads to improved overall performance and longevity of your technicians in the organization.

Course Highlights: Expert-Led, Practical, and Tailored for You

  1. Expert-Led Sessions:
  • Engage with seasoned industry expert George Williams, CEO of ReliabilityX, who brings real-world experience to the training room.
  • Benefit from his insights into best practices, emerging trends, and time-tested strategies that go beyond textbooks.
  1. Practical Case Studies:
  • Dive into practical case studies that mirror the challenges you encounter in your role.
  • Apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, ensuring that what you learn is directly applicable in your day-to-day responsibilities.
  1. Networking Opportunities:
  • Connect with fellow Maintenance Planners, Managers, and other personnel from various industries.
  • Share experiences, exchange ideas, and build a professional network that extends beyond the duration of the course.


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