Machinery Lubrication Technician – Level 1

Course Overview

Lubrication practices within a plant have a direct effect on plant and equipment reliability. Many experts within the industry have touted lubrication as one of the most critical in achieving maintenance and reliability goals. When a lubricant is working effectively in a machine – with no chemical degradation and with limited contamination within it, wear will be reduced, and equipment reliability will be improved. As such, this course offers a unique and critical skillset augmenting skills and knowledge gained from all other maintenance and reliability courses.

Learning outcomes for this 3-day course include the ability to:

  • Incorporate all below aspects within the development of a maintenance strategy.
  • Understand lubrication theory to ensure the right behaviors within an organization.
  • Know the variety of lubricants available, and what makes them good or bad.
  • Apply the basic reasoning to lubricant selection, to ensure optimum application.
  • Ensure the correct lubricant application to meet the goals of the maintenance strategy.
  • Understand how lubrication fits within the preventative and predictive maintenance schema.
  • Understand the impact of lubrication strategy and implement processes to control lube condition.
  • Ensure the design and execution of lube storage and management.

Who Should Attend?

  • Maintenance and Asset Managers
  • Plant and Facility Engineers
  • Reliability Engineers
  • Managers of preventive or condition-based and predictive maintenance programs
  • CMMS Coordinators or Managers
  • Maintenance Leads and Technicians


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