Improving Equipment Uptime and Performance with TPM

Course Overview

Although a plant with zero unplanned downtime, quality issues, reduced machine speeds, and accidents may seem unachievable, total productive maintenance (TPM) allows manufacturers to make constant and ongoing progress toward all these operating conditions.

There are several different methods for implementing TPM. This course follows the 8 pillar model, which has been implemented by companies in many countries. An overview of all 8 pillars will be provided, followed by in-depth information on implementing and sustaining planned and autonomous maintenance.

Who Should Attend?

  • Plant managers
  • Operations managers
  • Asset, reliability, and maintenance managers
  • Maintenance supervisors and team leaders
  • Maintenance planners and schedulers

Additional Information

This course is part of the Maintenance and Reliability Management Certificate. Enhance your maintenance skills while earning a recognized credential.


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